Tuesday 12 June 2007

Matadors and Hop!

I'm off on holiday, and although my subconscious might have had a hand in this, I have just realised I'm heading to Andalucia, where Nancy and Frank Bellamy spent many happy hours. Both Nancy and Frank were great fans of flamenco and all things Spanish. And if you've read the website in detail you'll find many drawings are mentioned of bulls, matadors, toreadors etc.

Jeff Haythorpe kindly gave me permission to show this wonderful picture. I'll tidy up my references on my return. Jeff has given me other pictures which I'll add later. Jeff, thanks AGAIN!

And just to tie up loose ends....
Some time ago I bought a copy of HOP!, a nice French magazine on comics. Marc-André Dumonteil kindly sent me an addition to my data on the non-English reprints page, and it wasn't until I re-read his email I realised his web address points to the magazine! There's some English at the bottom right of the page, but Marc's English is far better than any French I speak!

I definitely need a holiday!

Adiós y yo te verá la semana próxima


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