Tuesday 26 June 2018

Original art on Heritage - 2 Life Studies

Life study #1

Life Study #2

The above images are up for auction on Heritage as one lot. This link may require you to log in due to, what I see as, Heritage's peculiar Adult Verification policy. Some of their other stuff doesn't get this restriction, and in this same auction, where the nudity is gratuitous ("Treasured Chests", anyone?) - strange!

Bellamy's life drawings were all in single drawing books as you'd expect, but have been sold far and wide as single pieces.

I've shown a few others (here and here) collected from various places  as well as the ones I personally own

Heritage describe this piece:
Frank Bellamy - Nude Female Illustrations Original Art Group of 2 (undated).
Fantastic images as you would well expect from this talented artist. Known for, among many other things, his outstanding work on many different British weekly publications, including his Thunderbirds work in TV Comic [sic] These are created in rust-colored pencil on manila toned art paper. The image areas measure approximately 9" x 12" each. One is signed. In Excellent condition.
Yes, before anyone tells me that he drew Thunderbirds for TV 21, I have let Heritage know that!

If you're searching the rest of the auction, you'll find some lovely Don Harley "Dan Dare" and Ron Embleton art as well.

WHERE?: Heritage Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121826
LOT #11014
ENDING PRICE:$384 (incl. Buyer's Premium) = £301.86
END DATE: 1 July 2018