Monday 28 September 2020

Frank Bellamy and Leopards

When I found a single illustration in Eagle of a rhinoceros by Frank Bellamy it looked odd in a page of photos and text. - considering he did strips from 1957-1965. 

But now I've found another which rather excitingly has not been recorded before! It's a rarity to find a 'new' work by Bellamy - I call it the diminishing law of returns and I can see why it's been overlooked before!

Eagle Vol.11:17 (23 April 1960), p.4

Bellamy loved all things African with a focus on Kenya and the Masai people. His work for an South African magazine Outspan included such things as leopards too

OUTSPAN (10 February 1956) contains the story "Fear is a spotted cat" by Elaine Mans the first page of which I've shown before
 On pages 20-21 we see a leopard poised to spring with the caption - "Lifting her heavy limbs for a final effort, she fell against the rock, lying upright against its coolness"

Please forgive the image - which is a scan of a photocopy of the magazine! If anyone wants to supply a better copy, I'm more than happy to receive it! The magazine was very similar to Everybody's Weekly in size

Outspan 10 February 1956 pp20-21