Saturday 3 December 2016

Original Art for sale - Brett Million and the Ghost World

Boy's World 11 January 1964
[Brett Million and ] The Ghost World
Richard Farrell (who compiles the fun fanzine Andersonic on all things Gerry (and Sylvia) Anderson) alerted me to the fact Illustration Art Gallery have an original Bellamy for sale. It's episode 6 of the story on the back cover of Boy's World: "Brett Million and The Ghost Planet"

Boy's World was a relatively short-lived comic which ran from 26 January 1963 to 3 October 1964 (89 issues) before amalgamating into the more famous Eagle comic.  To read all about the comic's history buy the book by the excellent Steve Holland. I've written something about Bellamy's work on "Ghost World" so have a look here.

Boy's World
IAG's description:
Artist: Frank Bellamy
Medium: Pen & Ink Wash on Board
Size: 12" x 16" (300mm x 400mm)
Date: 1964
Signature: Signed by Artist left panel

This is the Signed original Pen & Ink Wash by Frank Bellamy.

A rare opportunity to own a Bellamy Ghost World original page of art.

The blues and reds on this page have faded as is the case with many of these pages. This is due to the type of ink Bellamy used. However the superb pen and ink work on this piece shines through.
 Price:  £3,950.00
I agree about the fading but Bellamy's technique shines through this piece. If you're looking at Illustration Art Gallery, they have 4 other Bellamy originals which I've covered before

UPDATE: 15/05/017
Paul Cooke‏ (@paulpcooke) mentioned to me via Twitter that this piece was on eBay. Being forgetful, I thought I'd covered this above! So here are the eBay details for completeness!


WHERE?: eBay
SELLER: whiteboxcollectables
STARTING BID: £2,249.99 RELISTED: £2,249.99 BUY IT NOW
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