Monday 26 October 2020

Frank Bellamy and Battle Picture Weekly

 In this previous article I showed some images that appeared in Battle Picture Weekly

Today I have found the following images taken from Look and Learn #452 12 September 1970 and the cover from that issue reprinted too. I have a feeling there might be more Bellamy re-used in this title.


Cover by unknown artist

Battle Picture Weekly Annual 1977 pp74-75
You can see the main picture above in full colour here and it never hurts to show you the unpublished cover that Bellamy did. The cover used was the one below which appears as an inset above in the reprint

Unpublished cover for Look and Learn - thanks to Jeff Haythorpe

Look and Learn #452 12 September 1970

Wednesday 7 October 2020

The Art of Frank Bellamy is now public knowledge!

When should I tell people that I've written c.8000 words on Frank Bellamy which will be published next year? 

 Well, now that Geoff West of Book Palace Books has publicized it on his website. 


The artwork and covers have not yet been finalized but will look something like this and yes, there will be 144 pages of glorious colour images.  This will be the largest work devoted to Bellamy (so far, if I have my way!).

Draft cover

Gathering the artwork is the hardest part of such a venture and many people have really been kind with hi-resolution scans. Some works have been scanned from my collection where originals are not available but the whole package looks superb...and there are a few pieces you will never have seen before.

Draft back cover

 I'll let you know more in time, so start saving your pennies!


Thursday 1 October 2020

Kettering Leader and Guardian (PART THREE)

I know you've loved these posts on early Bellamy work, because no-one has disrupted their reading and viewing by saying anything on them! So here's another to add to your pleasure!

KL&G 29 August 1947 p.7
A delightful cartoon showing the newspaper's photographer reacting to a bee sting whilst the bee casually smokes! "No laughing matter: You must never make a bee angry" is the title of the column, which describes a reporter's attempts to research the easy way but instead jumping in the deep end!

KL&G 5 September 1947 p.7

Press on: 'Tich' made it on his hands and knees" is the second I want to highlight. It shows our reporter 'Tich' with camera looking at a very tall puzzled hiker from the local Youth Hostel. The caricature of the hiker with hairy legs and full equipment is brilliant and shows him scratching his head wondering why the reporter is not dressed properly for the occasion!

KL&G 26 December 1947pp.6-7
The above double-page shows "In peace or in war these are the Christmases remembered best of all" and the sub-title is "Some are treasured but others they try to forget". Local readers have been asked to submit memories of Christmases past. Here we five Frank Bellamy drawings  showing visually some of the memories of "Bill" as he returns home after the war.
  1. The cartoon in the centre shows Flight-Lieutenant John Strachey looking at an Army biscuit, as told by Major John Profumo - yes, THAT Profumo who was Kettering's MP for many years before the scandal occurred - follow the link for more information on him and his later life.
  2. J. Marshall Bailey tells the next tale of how a Corps Commander wanted to wish the sleeping company a Happy Christmas. "The reply was prompt: "I don't care who the purple spots you are. Shut that Pygmalion door"".
  3. Captain G. lane tells of how Germans soldiers, who were merry at this festive time, were surpised by an 'invasion' of their pill-box!
  4. "I shall always remember father's bitterness" shows a poignant scene telling of Alderman George S. Lindgren's father's unemployment at Christmas.
  5. Lastly we see "Dinner that was to be but wasn't" - W. Cheney's tale of arriving late for Christmas dinner
Bellamy uses various styles in this double-page to show jokes and serious subjects. he shows silhouettes for the train door opening and the visiting Corps Commander; an almost serious bunch of Brit soldiers coming up to tipsy Germans and then an out and out cartoon in a sketchy hand showing shock at ' "one piece of cold plum duff". These are mixed with the poignant image of a father and son at the table on Christmas Day with 'unemployment' being the headline on the paper. 

Lastly for today, here's a lovely strip "Ireson says it with coal - and get the sack". It's incredible how much Bellamy crammed into a small space, with brilliant caricatures for even the train, the "3195". Kettering - Raunds - Kimbolton  - Buckden - Godmanchester - Thrapston - Kettering are the place-names mentioned for this old train journey - before the cuts by Dr. Beeching! Wikipedia has an article on the old line with a map!

KL&G 27 February 1948 p.3