Sunday 13 September 2009

Bellamy art for sale

Head over to ComicArtFans Galleries as Terry Doyle is selling a lot of his tremendous collection!

You'll need to hurry as despite a recession, they are selling fast!

My favourite, which I certainly can't afford, is the Churchill strip from The Happy Warrior - but £2,500 is a bit much for me!. Also King Solomon's Mines because of its uniqueness and beauty- I blogged about it a while ago - and the price is £4,000 which because of the fact it was unpublished and a full centrespread is worth that sort of order, in my opinion. I recently browsed an art fair and saw far lesser lights sell for the equivalent or more than this.

Oh, and there are lots of non-Bellamy materials

Thanks for sharing the information Terry

Saturday 12 September 2009

ADDITION - Letter from Frank Bellamy

Thanks to Richard Sheaf for forwarding scans of the cover and the letter that was published in Fantasy Advertiser Vol 3:43, May 1972, I thought it worth showing both here

The cover is not by Bellamy, but by Jim Baikie (does he really not have his own website?) who I know best for his co-creation of Skizz in 2000AD. The date of the fanzine is May 1972 - eleven years before that work!

Anway getting onto the Bellamy connection, his letter is really listed here for the purists among us. Later an interview and a portfolio of Bellamy's work appears in Dez Skinn's wonderful Fantasy Advertiser which are brilliant if you ever manage to get a copy

Tuesday 8 September 2009


Paul Holder let me know that I have got a couple of things inverted on the website, so I thought I better correct them and let you know, just in case you keep a list locally from the website

On the page listing Bellamy's appearances in newspapers, somehow I inverted the cover descriptions of the 2 Garth Annuals for which Bellamy did the covers.

To set the record straight:

Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1975, London: IPC Limited, 1975 was the one with the 'portrait' cover of Garth with the Wolfman of Ausensee

Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1976, London: IPC Limited, 1976 was the one with the 'landscape' cover of Garth swimming

Interestingly both of these contain strips which originally were published in the Daily Mirror with nudity. Obviously an editor must have decided, despite the increasingly seen nudity on TV and in literature during the Seventies (one author I read said there was far more then than now!), that some bits should be covered up!

Titan Books reprinted the strips (excuse the pun!) - more authentically.

Paul also says:
Actually on looking at my copies they have listed in the contents "Cloud of Baltus" instead of "Cloud of Balthus" (missing off the 't'), and they've even got the title wrong on the 1976 contents. "The People of Abyss" instead of "People of the Abyss". Small points I know.

Saturday 5 September 2009

Frank Bellamy font available!

I've been on the Internet since 1992 before the web browser was even available - command lines are nowhere near as pretty as the web interface! I am still constantly amazed at what drifts past my radar even after 17 years!

I received an email from one Keith Bates and after checking out his website decided to ask him why he'd created a Frank Bellamy font, The reply came back:

Hi Norman,

I've admired Frank Bellamy's artwork hugely since I was a kid in the sixties. Beautiful line quality. He seemed to love lettering as well as oozing confidence with figures and faces. Exceptional use of tone, colour and texture. Frank Bellamy exploded the boxiness of the traditional British comic page layout. He made TV21 as good as American comics. I never read Garth but I liked to look at the drawings.

I was delighted to discover "A Cowboy Story' when I bought 'Bert Fegg's Nasty Book' in 1974. It seemed as if Frank was really enjoying that project, I remember at the time thinking how great his pen lettering was.

I recently bought a copy of Martin Baker's 'Artists of Radio Times' and was really disappointed (maybe I was outraged) that Frank only got a brief mention (p.43) and not even a single reproduction of any of the beautiful Dr Who or Biggin Hill drawings he made. I suppose that made me decide to make the Frank Bellamy fonts.

Many of K-Type's catalog are inspired by artists' lettering or handwriting, it's an honour to have Frank Bellamy amongst my greats.

Best wishes,
Keith Bates

One question....where on Earth do I put this on the website?