Saturday 5 September 2009

Frank Bellamy font available!

I've been on the Internet since 1992 before the web browser was even available - command lines are nowhere near as pretty as the web interface! I am still constantly amazed at what drifts past my radar even after 17 years!

I received an email from one Keith Bates and after checking out his website decided to ask him why he'd created a Frank Bellamy font, The reply came back:

Hi Norman,

I've admired Frank Bellamy's artwork hugely since I was a kid in the sixties. Beautiful line quality. He seemed to love lettering as well as oozing confidence with figures and faces. Exceptional use of tone, colour and texture. Frank Bellamy exploded the boxiness of the traditional British comic page layout. He made TV21 as good as American comics. I never read Garth but I liked to look at the drawings.

I was delighted to discover "A Cowboy Story' when I bought 'Bert Fegg's Nasty Book' in 1974. It seemed as if Frank was really enjoying that project, I remember at the time thinking how great his pen lettering was.

I recently bought a copy of Martin Baker's 'Artists of Radio Times' and was really disappointed (maybe I was outraged) that Frank only got a brief mention (p.43) and not even a single reproduction of any of the beautiful Dr Who or Biggin Hill drawings he made. I suppose that made me decide to make the Frank Bellamy fonts.

Many of K-Type's catalog are inspired by artists' lettering or handwriting, it's an honour to have Frank Bellamy amongst my greats.

Best wishes,
Keith Bates

One question....where on Earth do I put this on the website?

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Steve said...

Spaceship Away should get a copy!