Sunday 8 February 2009

Baked Beans and Bellamy

Steve Holland forwarded a piece of information which reminded me to post this picture. I had always listed Countdown as being the earliest copy of the advert for Crosse & Blackwell Baked Beans, but Steve has trumped me

Look and Learn 485, dated 1st May 1971 has the wonderful piece by Bellamy

Bellamy produced a lovely clear picture of knights in battle to illustrate the free pictures (on the rear of the wrappers)for the series "Life as it was 600 years ago". I can't personally remember seeing the wrappers, but feel that C&B beans were too expensive for my family at that time!

I've added large scans on the Advertising page of the website, as usual click on the Note

If you spot an earlier appearance I'd love to know

Don Harley and Frank Bellamy

The latest edition of the fantastic glossy magazine Spaceship Away (number 17, Spring 2009) has just been released. I got a surprise when it popped through the letter box and I found, not only Mike Noble's excellent centrespread, but also an article mentioning Frank Bellamy.
Bellamy by HarleyDon Harley is well known in UK comics for having drawn many famous strips at the time Bellamy was alive but the most famous was his time with the Frank Hampson studio (and after) on Dan Dare.

In this article Harley shares amusing anecdotes about his time with Bellamy, but the highlight is the drawing, in colour, of Watson, Harley and Bellamy, with Bellamy showing the cover he's produced for Eagle January 1960. Dan Dare is being chased by a missile whilst flying his spaceship Anastasia at breakneck speed. The two pages of the article are reproduced below with permission. Please do NOT reproduce them without getting Rod's permission - tempting though it is! The quality of the scans does not do the magazine justice - get an original magazine!

Thanks to Don Harley for sharing these memories - I'd love more Don! - and to Rod Barzilay for his producing this brilliant magazine

Where can you get it? Run, don't walk to Spaceship Away's website and spend your money to support Rod - he might even break even one day!