Saturday 3 February 2018

Original Art: Garth on Cottees Auctions - The Wolfman of Ausensee (F201-F202)

F201-F202 "Wolfman of Ausensee" by Jim Edgar (Author) and Bellamy
 A very interesting auction is due to happen on Friday 23 Feb 2018 at 10:00 GMT. The auctioneers is Cottees based in Poole in Dorset (also available via  and they are advertising not one, but two consecutive strips from the Garth story "Wolfman of Ausensee" which originally ran in the Daily Mirror newspaper from 23 May 1972 - 6 September 1972 (#F122-F210)

2 strips with the Daily Mirror letter

I think the auctioneer's estimate of £80-£120 is woefully short considering they could have looked at my blog to see the last few Garths have individually sold for no less than £213 each and that does not include the unique letter from Charles Rogers. It was known that a letter writer might be given  a free strip at the time. Nancy and David Bellamy fought very hard to get the return of their late husband/father's work after his death in 1976, so it would be interesting to know why two Garths were supplied and for what.

The auctioneers's description (oh, and the letter states clearly it certainly was 1972),  is:

Original Frank Bellamy Garth artwork, c.1972: two pieces of pen on board artwork by British comic artist Frank Bellamy for the Daily Mirror comic strip Garth, both measuring 55 x 17.5cm. The lot includes a letter from the Daily Mirror's Cartoon Editor Charles Roger which states 'I have enclosed, as you requested, two originals of the strip as drawn by Mr Frank Bellamy'. Enclosed in original Daily Mirror envelope dated 1972.

F201-F202 "Wolfman of Ausensee" by Jim Edgar (Author) and Bellamy

The full text of the letter, dated 29 November 1972 reads:
Dear Mr. Hunter,
I am obliged for your letter of November 21st.
I am glad to hear that you and your son, Christopher so much enjoy the Garth strip.
I have enclosed, as you requested, two originals of the strip as drawn by Mr. Frank Bellamy.
With kind regards
Yours sincerely
Charles Roger
Cartoon Editor

The story was also reprinted in The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, (London: IPC Limited, 1975) and  Garth Book One: The cloud of Balthus (London: Titan Books, 1984 ). The American fan publication of newspaper strips featured it too in Menomonee Falls Gazette #84 (23 July 1973) - #98 (29 October 1973) - 6 daily strips reprinted in B&W. Garth: Meets the Werewolf  was published by All Devon Comic Collectors Club Daily Strips: Collectors Club Editions No.74  and the latest version was coloured in Daily Mirror Saturday 31 December 2011 to Tuesday 21 February 2012 coloured by Martin Baines.

Here's the page of 6 strips around these episodes from Menomonee Falls Gazette #97 (27 October 1973)

Menomonee Falls Gazette #97, p.35

WHERE?: Cottees Auctions Live Auction 23 February 2018
SELLER: Cottees Auctions (and
LOT NO.: 431
ENDING PRICE:£800 hammer price
END DATE: 23 Feb 2018