Monday 16 November 2009


Les Harding kindly wrote to say I'd omitted the book 'Fraser of Africa' from my book list. As I explained to him, I was very grateful as there are so many entry points into a website it's hard to ensure everything cross-references! But he is absolutely right! I had listed it in the reprint list (which I created to help those who couldn't afford the original comics) but not in the book list!

By the way, there's a great review of this book on Win Wiacek's "Now read this!" blog - just ignore the pompous commentator at the end of the review!

Secondly I have changed the TV21 entries a little as I had, for some reason, said that TV Century 21 became TV21 and TV Tornado way before it did! That appears on the comics page and is now corrected

Lastly I will at some point finally bite the bullet and change the names of the Thunderbirds stories to those commonly accepted on said page. There's a long story behind this but that will wait for another day (or two)!

Thursday 5 November 2009

More original artwork for sale

I have added the prices that these two pieces sold for. I'm amazed at how much they raised for the relevant party and pleased to see Bellamy at last become a major contender - to quote Marlon Brando!

Just wanted to alert you to the fact that right now there are two pieces of artwork by Frank Bellamy on Comic Book Postal Auctions. Look at lots #99 and 100.

The first is a double-page spread of the "Montgomery of Alamein" from - to quote the site"Eagle Vol 17 No 13 1967". Now that's the first time I've heard of this appearing so late in Eagle and as this looks like the original (note the lack of pasted title top-left) I can't imagine how they got the information. I believe it is an original of Volume 13:17 (28/04/1962). Mind you the entry does say "Gouache on board" and Bellamy always used inks for these comic pieces! And I'm not so pedantic to mention the spelling mistake in the title! Whatever the information, the estimate is a bargain in my opinion: £550-650 Let's see what it goes for as it looks in great condition. I'll add the result when it's finished

Auction ended December, 2009 at £2,849! In a recession as well! That's the highest amount paid for a Bellamy to my knowledge

Edited on 28 December 2009

The second comes from "Heros The Spartan" and appears somewhat faded, but nice. The information for this one is right: Eagle Volume 16 No 11 1966. It's episode number 3 from the story called The Slave Army. Bellamy used inks again not gouache and the estimate is £500-550

Auction ended December, 2009 at £2,262!

Edited on 28 December 2009