Sunday Citizen: Sunday Extra (24 April 1966)
Frank started out in advertising and moved to a regular spot in his local paper, the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph, drawing a one shot gag in the footballing supplement "The Pink 'Un" which recorded satirical events concerning the previous week's football match. The content is very parochial and uses regular gags on Corby, Luton and Peterborough clubs. He also drew many 'spot' illustrations for articles in the newspaper as well as the other local paper Kettering Leader & Guardian. Due to heavy commitments in weekly comic strip work he didn't return to newspaper work until a couple of one-offs in the sixties but then gained praise for his regular strip "Garth" in the Daily Mirror, which he drew until his death in 1976. This wasn't his first attempt at obtaining a newspaper strip.

Lower case items are reprints

DAILY MIRROR (11 July 1969)
Moon landing
  • p.13 Illustration of astronaut working on the Moon
  • p.14-15 Black & White centrespread of the stages of the mission - see article
  • p.11 mentions Bellamy - for the full text, see Articles page
DAILY MIRROR (3 October 1969)
M'Lud by Richard Sear
  • p.17 B&W line "The majesty of the law: an impression of a judge drawn for Mirroscope by Frank Bellamy" Illustration of judge in chambers with 'Justice' behind
DAILY MIRROR (4 October 1969)
The great moon game
  • p.7 Full page competition - no mention of Bellamy or his art - see article
DAILY MIRROR (12 July 1971 - E162) = Frank Bellamy's 1st episode
  • Garth: Sundance [28 June 1971 -10 July 1971 - E150 to E161 by John Allard] 
  • (12 July 1971 - 11 October 1971 - E162 - E236) - see reprints
DAILY MIRROR (12 October 1971 - 27 January 1972 - E237-F23)
DAILY MIRROR (28 January 1972 - 22 May 1972 - F24-F121) 
DAILY MIRROR (23 May 1972 - 6 September 1972 - F122-F210)
  • Garth: Wolfman of Ausensee - see reprints
  • F174 was published on Saturday 22 July 1972
    F175 was published on Monday 24 July 1972 according to the British Newspaper Archive [Retrieved 26 Jan 2020]
    F175 was reprinted and F176 was published on Friday 28 July 1972 as no paper appeared Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
DAILY MIRROR (6 June 1972)
  • Announcement of American Academy of Comic Book Artists' award to Frank Bellamy - see article
DAILY MIRROR (15 June 1972)
"What is the cause?…The Mirror verdict" by Robert Head
  • pp.16-17 B&W Centrespread under text of the crocodile called inflation, eating pound notes - see article
DAILY MIRROR (3 July 1972)
"The Gospel according to St. George"
  • pp.4-5 B&W line cartoon of Nixon and McGovern - see article
DAILY MIRROR (7 September 1972 - 23 December 1972 - F211-F303)
DAILY MIRROR (27 December 1972 - 10 April 1973 - F304-G86)
  • Garth: The Women of Galba - see reprints
  • Daily Mirror 22 March 1973: "Southern editions of the Mirror didn't appear yesterday because of industrial action. Here's a double ration of strips" 
DAILY MIRROR (11 April 1973 - 12 July 1973 - G87-G164)
DAILY MIRROR (13 July 1973 - 25 October 1973 - G165-G254)
  • Garth: The Mask of Atacama - see reprints
  • Bellamy starts to sign his work now
DAILY MIRROR (26 October 1973 - 18 February 1974 - G255-H41)
  • Garth: The Wreckers - see reprints
  • Daily Mirror Tuesday 6 November 1973: "Here's a double ration of your favourite strips" - no explanation why, but presumably industrial action again!   Monday 5 November 1973 had the Garth strip G263 and on Tuesday 6 November 1973 G263 with G264 appeared (along with "The Fosdyke Saga" and "The Larks")
DAILY MIRROR (30 Nov 1973?)
  • Edition TV item (see Radio Times) - Not yet found - can you help? I've searched all issues around this date 
DAILY MIRROR (19 February 1974 - 5 June 1974 - H42-H131)
DAILY MIRROR (1 June 1974)
Is there a comic in the house?
  • p.9 Competition which, although not stated here, will earn the winners an original Garth - see article
DAILY MIRROR (6 June 1974 - 27 September 1974 - H132-H227)
DAILY MIRROR (15 June 1974)
Titan the Terrible
  • The winners are announced for the competition - (see 1 June 1974 above) including Mark Farmer, a renowned comic book artist
DAILY MIRROR (28 September 1974 - 14 January 1975 - H228-J11)
DAILY MIRROR (15 January 1975 - 2 May 1975 - J12-J101)
  • Garth: The Angels of Hell's Gap -chosen as the first story reprinted in 2011 which Martin Baines coloured for the first time see reprints
DAILY MIRROR (3 May 1975 - 15 August 1975 - J102-J191)
DAILY MIRROR (16 August 1975 - 28 November 1975 - J192-J281)
DAILY MIRROR (29 November 1975 - 16 March 1976 - J282-K64)
DAILY MIRROR (17 March 1976 - 7 July 1976 - K65-K160)
DAILY MIRROR (20 Mar 1976)
Patty's hours of agony: a reconstruction of the life of Patty Hearst "on the run" by Anthony Delano
  • p.9 Picture strip page black and white
DAILY MIRROR (6 July 1976)
Notification of Bellamy's death - see Articles about Bellamy
DAILY MIRROR (8 July 1976 - 6 October 1976 - K161-K238)
  • Garth: Ghost Town - [Reprint] The paper states: "Frank Bellamy, the brilliant artist who died suddenly this week , often said that "Ghost Town" was the story he had most enjoyed drawing. We are, therefore, running it again"
  • Bellamy died on 5 July 1976 and once the then current published story finished, "Mike Malloy[sic - should be Molloy], the then current Mirror editor, was so impressed by his artwork that as a tribute to him he re-ran Bellamy's favourite story Ghost Town while seeking a replacement" (Nick Landau)  Bellamy still saw print after his death with the story 'Manhunt' which was completed by his replacement Martin Asbury  - see reprints
DAILY MIRROR (7 October 1976 - 25 October 1976 - K239-K254 [Last FB credited strip]
  • Garth: Manhunt - 7 October 1976 - [completed by Martin Asbury -15 January 1977 L12]
  • Last Bellamy credited 25 October 1976 - K254 but K254 although signed by Bellamy is credited to Martin Asbury - see reprints
DAILY MIRROR (Monday 21 February 2011 to date)
  • Various Garth stories reprinted in two rows (double the norm in Bellamy's day) and coloured by Martin Baines - see reprint list
Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1975, London: IPC Limited, 1974
  • Portrait cover of Garth with the Wolfman of Ausensee -The contents are reprints
Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1976, London: IPC Limited, 1975
  • Landscape cover of Garth swimming - The contents are reprints
DAILY RECORD (Monday 25 December 1972)
Garth: People of the Abyss
  • "F303.5" - a strip not published in England, I've called it F303.5 as it follows F303 - see article
DAILY RECORD (Wednesday 26 December 1973)
Garth: The Wreckers
  • "G305.5" - a strip not published in England, I've called it "G305.5" as it follows G305 but the actual notation is "DR CH 73" for Daily Record Christmas 1973" - see article
Wednesday    26/12/73    DR.CH.73

Menomonee Falls Gazette 
Northampton Chronicle & Echo Thursday 23 September 2004
  • "The many faces of Frank" - short biography with quotes from Nancy Bellamy
NORTHAMPTONSHIRE EVENING TELEGRAPH 1946 - Saturday 24 September 1949
REVEILLE (19-25 November 1964)
The place of the gods by Stephen Vincent Benét
  • pp.30-31 Two B&W illustrations - one of an archer standing amid ruins and the second the archer fires at a leopard - see article
Shooting script by Gavin Lyall
  • p. 7 B&W wash of 2 vampire jets with B&W line drawing of pilot in cockpit
  • The slogan of THE SUNDAY CITIZEN newspaper (note: not a magazine), a democratic socialist weekly paper, is "The government of the people by the people". The Sunday Extra is a 4 page pullout "for the young and all the young at heart" a free comic supplement to the Sunday Citizen which contained other comic strips by the likes of John Burns and Frank Langford. 1 May 1966 has the "Cask of Amontillado" - art by Roger Martin
Shooting script: Like a load of tricks by Gavin Lyall
  • p.7  B&W wash of plane crash with B&W line drawing of pilot
'The Pit and the Pendulum' (from the series "The greatest stories of all time") by Alan Forrest
  • p.18 Full page B&W strip, signed- see image at top of this page
THE SUNDAY TIMES 17 August 1975
  • p.27 (in the Weekly Review section) "Who will win our comic strip competition?"- B&W illustration plus brief biography (whole section is 145X 75mm) Single panel shows "Captain Min headed for galactic planet Tosca when electric storms force him to dock on a worn out satellite" Shows portrait thinking "I get a creepy feeling we're not alone…" with a monster approaching - see article
  • Reprinted in Fantasy Advertiser #57 (October 1975) p27 in an advert for New Cartoon Review
THE TIMES 22 November 1971
  • p.10 "Danger at work: a special report on industrial security, safety and fire prevention" B&W

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