Wednesday 22 February 2012

The Cloud of Balthus starts in the Daily Mirror today

Martin Baines let me know that the next reprinted and coloured Frank Bellamy Garth strip is "The Cloud of Balthus" starting today in the Daily Mirror

Wednesday 22 February 2012 © Daily Mirror

Once again he has been really kind and sent me the original digital copy for you to see. Interestingly, I had never noticed the fact that Bellamy has almost exactly the same pose for Lee Wan, the girl on the right, in both tiers. I must be kind and point out that we would never have seen them published like this, one above the other, as they were printed one tier each day back in October 1971. And as a friend said "well, that shows his continuity was good"!

I love some particular bits of the art in this story, you'll see undersea and space scenes as well as, if you can believe this, an explosion in black and white, in the original that takes up most of the strip for that day, oh, and the usual pretty woman for Garth! Ah, how times haven't changed! I have no direct evidence that Jim Edgar, the writer knew anything about art, but the name 'Balthus' may have been inspired by the artist by the same nickname.

This story ran originally from 12 October 1971 to 27 January 1972 (Numbers E237-F23) and has been reprinted quite a few times, but you won't hear me complaining: The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, 1975; Garth Book One: The cloud of Balthus Titan Books, 1984  and in the fan publication Menomonee Falls Gazette Numbers 52 - 67

Did you catch the visual clue in yesterday's advert?

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Wolfman of Ausensee ends today

Wolfman of Ausensee ends today and I have personally found the colouring has added quite a bit to an already exciting story. Martin Baines, the colourist, has added to the odd number of tiers by creating a collage from the next story. Tomorrow I'll show you what it is but play along for fun and see if you recognise the story. I see that today's newspaper actually tells you the name of the story - so Martin's suggestion below has changed.....but let's leave this as a mystery till tomorrow!

Here is the last episode and the advert - many thanks once again Martin.See you all tomorrow!
Tuesday 21 February 2012 © Daily Mirror

Sunday 19 February 2012

Original art for sale - Thunderbirds - at Comic Book Auctions

Lot #156

The latest piece of art to come up for sale by Frank Bellamy is from TV21 number 232 and comes from the story which begins in space with a faulty rocket which plummets towards San Francisco, but is finally diverted by Thunderbird 3. It heads towards into the uninhabited Manafu Atoll where it crashed and then we see the atoll blow up due to an active volcano.TB1 patrols the area and discovers the chain reaction is affecting another island where natives are living. To stop the chain reaction - which might still affect San Francisco, Brains has a plan.

The single page is for sale with an estimate of £1,500-£2,000 and the auction ends Tuesday 13 March. Comic Book Auctions' description:
Thunderbirds original artwork (1969) drawn and signed by Frank Bellamy from TV21 No 232 Alan, Virgil and Gordon take off in Thunderbird 2 as Scott nears the volcanic bomb-zone in Thunderbird 4 Bright, fresh Pelikan inks on board. 19 x 15 ins £1,500-2,000

As usual I'll update with the sold price when the auction ends

UPDATE: Winning bid incl. 10% Buyer's Premium: £1,925 (March 2012)

Meanwhile enjoy the two pages as published in TV21 Number 232

TV21 #232 Part A

TV21 #232 Part B

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Beautiful People

J287 The Beautiful People

The latest piece of art by Frank Bellamy to be made available for sale on eBay shows Garth climbing a balcony - after leaving a party to apprehend the thugs who have gatecrashed the party. This comes from the recently reprinted story "The Beautiful People". It looks to be in excellent condition with the usual beautifully clear line work and those great Bellamy 'swirl' effects

The opening bid will be £90 and the auction ends 19 February

I have scanned below my copy of the re-coloured reprint from last year for you to see more detail when clicking!

Reprinted in the Daily Mirror 5 August 2011

UPDATE: Sold for £90.00 (February 2012) with 1 bid

Sunday 12 February 2012

New Look Mirror page

The new look Garth page

I always feel sorry or those of you who can't access the Daily Mirror newspaper and today I thought I'd mention the new look Daily Mirror online cartoon section which changed on 9 February 2012.

The Garth strip by Jim Edgar (the author is mysteriously never credited), Frank Bellamy (artist) and Martin Baines (colourist for these reprinted strips) are now available retrospectively by a few days. Previously we could only access one day at a time.  One comment made by readers is why are the online versions not sequential. I don't know anything more, other than guessing they want to sell the daily paper!

Anyway, go and enjoy a few Garths - especially if you don't live in the UK and don't have access to the daily paper -

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Book Palace art sale

Geoff West and pals have got a sale on and it includes some nice pieces by Frank Bellamy.
Click to see full list
Special 10th Anniversary Art Sale
up to 50% OFF!!
Offer must end 31 March 2012
shouts the headline. Now if anyone fancies sending me a cheque for £3750, I would love to buy the Fraser of Africa - just look at the colours on that!

Am I also allowed, on a Bellamy blog, to mention he has Mike Noble's work too - another of my favourites?