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Wednesday 1 July 2020

ORIGINAL ART: Garth on ebay - The Beautiful People (K6)

Garth: The Beautiful People (K6)

This strip has appeared for auction or Buy It Now on eBay. It's a nice example of Frank Bellamy's work on Garth, presented by robinb.76  The seller states:
Frank Bellamy Genuine Garth strip from the Spanish Lady [sic] series, 18cm x 54cm approx, genuine one off artwork and much sought after, being sold by a family member (so can confirm genuine. Will deliver very well packaged by recorded delivery.
It actually appears in "The Beautiful People" the story about Garth's 'cool' friend Marc Serrano who needs Garth's protection on the island of Ikonos in the Aegean.  here are other images the seller has uploaded.

Here's the other strips that appear before and after this one for your delight!

Garth: The Beautiful people (K5-K9)


WHERE?: eBay
Buy It Now: £375
ENDING PRICE: [Sold to a private buyer for £350]
END DATE: Monday 6 July 2020

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Original Art: 2 Garths on Heritage - Garth: Ghost Town (G131) & The Beautiful People (J288)

So last weekend's Heritage auction of a Garth strip nearly hit £500! Is it because I said what a nice piece it is? Am I causing an increase in Bellamy's worth? Well you know what, that's fine with me as I own very little but am glad to see his work recognised!

[All links to the auctions are below in the auction summary]

This weekend there are two Garths and one is a very interesting piece - it comes from Bellamy's favourite Garth story - "Ghost Town", westerns being a favourite genre of his.

G131 episode of  "Garth: Ghost Town" Drawn by Frank Bellamy

The last one from this story that Heritage sold was on 18 June this year and it went for $478 inc. buyer's premium [£373.92 at the time!]. But this one has some classic heroic poses (the nearest one gets, in a comic strip, to a splash page from a comic!) as well as those 'Bellamy swirls'.

The second piece is nice too and comes much later in chronological order, "The Beautiful People"
J288 episode of  "Garth: The Beautiful People" Drawn by Frank Bellamy

Heritage describe the first piece:
Frank Bellamy Garth Daily Comic Strip G131 Original Art dated 4-6-73 (Daily Mirror, 1973). This science fiction strip had a time-travel element to it, which is why today's episode looks more like a traditional Western than the typical spy/adventure-stories of the series. Bellamy really laid on the detail here! Crafted in ink over graphite on illustration board with an image area of 20.5" x 5.25", it is in Excellent condition. From the Ethan Roberts Estate Collection.

and the second piece:

Frank Bellamy Garth Daily Comic Strip J288 Original Art dated 6-12-75 (Daily Mirror, 1975). Frank Bellamy was a perfectionist who created some of the best work to ever appear in British comics. His meticulously-drawn strips were always vibrant and full of life. In 1971, he began drawing the Garth strip in the Daily Mirror, which he drew until his death in 1976. This daily, from near the end of his life, has an image area of 20.5" x 5.25", and aside from some light overall toning, the condition is Excellent. From the Ethan Roberts Estate Collection
And for your delectation and delight here's the few strips around the G131 episode of Ghost Town

From Menomonee Falls Gazette #145


WHAT? Ghost Town episode G131
WHERE?: Heritage Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121742
LOT #13009
ENDING PRICE:$836.50 including Buyer's Premium = £634.11
No of bidders:10
END DATE: 15 October 2017

WHAT?: Beautiful People episode J288
WHERE?: Heritage Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121742
LOT #13010
ENDING PRICE:$430.20 including Buyer's Premium = £326.12
No of bidders:9
END DATE: 15 October 2017

Wednesday 15 February 2012

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Beautiful People

J287 The Beautiful People

The latest piece of art by Frank Bellamy to be made available for sale on eBay shows Garth climbing a balcony - after leaving a party to apprehend the thugs who have gatecrashed the party. This comes from the recently reprinted story "The Beautiful People". It looks to be in excellent condition with the usual beautifully clear line work and those great Bellamy 'swirl' effects

The opening bid will be £90 and the auction ends 19 February

I have scanned below my copy of the re-coloured reprint from last year for you to see more detail when clicking!

Reprinted in the Daily Mirror 5 August 2011

UPDATE: Sold for £90.00 (February 2012) with 1 bid

Wednesday 3 August 2011

Beautiful People starts in Daily Mirror

The bad news: Spanish Lady has ended

Did anyone notice that the word 'blackamoor' was blanked out in one balloon? Strange, from the paper that brings us all sorts of "interesting" stories each day!

The good news: Once again that fantastic Martin Baines has shared the fact that the next story in the Daily Mirror to be reprinted and coloured is "The Beautiful People". This story ran from 29 November 1975 - 16 March 1976 (numbers J282-K64) and has only ever been reprinted in a very rare fan publication.

I'd love to get some feedback on what you think of the art in this story as I can see that maybe (and please don't burn me at the stake) that Bellamy -after 4 continuous years - might have been a bit tired. Let me know.

And for 1970s glam rockers - do you think the lead in this story looks like a certain Mud lead singer?

Click on the image to enlarge to full size

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