Wednesday 3 August 2011

Beautiful People starts in Daily Mirror

The bad news: Spanish Lady has ended

Did anyone notice that the word 'blackamoor' was blanked out in one balloon? Strange, from the paper that brings us all sorts of "interesting" stories each day!

The good news: Once again that fantastic Martin Baines has shared the fact that the next story in the Daily Mirror to be reprinted and coloured is "The Beautiful People". This story ran from 29 November 1975 - 16 March 1976 (numbers J282-K64) and has only ever been reprinted in a very rare fan publication.

I'd love to get some feedback on what you think of the art in this story as I can see that maybe (and please don't burn me at the stake) that Bellamy -after 4 continuous years - might have been a bit tired. Let me know.

And for 1970s glam rockers - do you think the lead in this story looks like a certain Mud lead singer?

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Jeff Haythorpe said...

I agree with you about Garth looking a little tired. 6 strips a a week for 4 years must surely exhaust your creative spirit (even Bellamy's). I've often wondered if his best work was behind him by the early 70s. Apart from the occasional glorious magazine cover/feature, nothing of his previous high standards was being produced. Maybe Garth was just a daily grind for wages and that was enough to stifle his creativity.