Wednesday 1 July 2020

ORIGINAL ART: Garth on ebay - The Beautiful People (K6)

Garth: The Beautiful People (K6)

This strip has appeared for auction or Buy It Now on eBay. It's a nice example of Frank Bellamy's work on Garth, presented by robinb.76  The seller states:
Frank Bellamy Genuine Garth strip from the Spanish Lady [sic] series, 18cm x 54cm approx, genuine one off artwork and much sought after, being sold by a family member (so can confirm genuine. Will deliver very well packaged by recorded delivery.
It actually appears in "The Beautiful People" the story about Garth's 'cool' friend Marc Serrano who needs Garth's protection on the island of Ikonos in the Aegean.  here are other images the seller has uploaded.

Here's the other strips that appear before and after this one for your delight!

Garth: The Beautiful people (K5-K9)


WHERE?: eBay
Buy It Now: £375
ENDING PRICE: [Sold to a private buyer for £350]
END DATE: Monday 6 July 2020


Kid said...

I've just recently read my Daily Mirror Book Of Garth (1975) for the first time (had it for years) and much enjoyed it, Norman. Are you familiar with it? I got the impression that some strips had been edited in a couple of places (re-lettering) and same may have been left out (scene jumps). Anything you can tell me about it would be much appreciated.

Norman Boyd said...

Hi Kid
Oh yes, I'm familiar with it! Have a look at the listing here
I'd be interested if you agree and also WHERE you thought the lettering was different.

Kid said...

Taking a quick look through the book, I see that on page 32, some word balloons in the middle and 3rd panels of the 4th tier have been amended to cover the fact that some strips featuring a meeting between Ruby and Kate seem to have been omitted.

On page 46, it looks like a caption has been added to the 3rd panel of the top tier, perhaps to disguise some strips being omitted.

On page 64, in the 1st and 2nd panels of the 4th tier, it looks like a couple of balloons have been altered, probably to tone down the content, and again on the first panel of the 1st tier on page 65, a balloon looks to have been altered.

On page 76, the 1st balloon in the 1st panel of the 3rd tier has been altered, and on page 106, the word 'Heck' has been substituted for, I imagine, 'Hell' in the 2nd panel of the 4th tier.

On page 118, 1st panel, 1st tier, the lettering gives the appearance of having been altered.

I only took a cursory look through the book, Norman, to spot the most obvious examples, but doubtless there are ones I've missed. I'd have to give it a more careful reading to spot everything, but having read it not that long ago (for the first time), I don't feel motivated to re-read the whole book again so soon.

Norman Boyd said...

Stirling effort Kid. I shall collect this data and save for a later date - hoping I live long enough to touch on this detail!

Kid said...

I'm waiting for the 1976 book to arrive (any day now), but I see that you say it was uncensored as far as nudity goes, though it does have some missing strips. Were these the only two Daily Mirror Garth books?

Norman Boyd said...

Yes Kid, these are the only two FRANK BELLAMY Garth reprints by the DM. The other book that I have seen is the joint "Romeo Brown" and "Garth" - see Wiki for details
Then of course we have 2 Titan Books which started well but never completed the series!

Kid said...

Ta much, Norman, greatly appreciated.

Kid said...

Managed to get that Garth/Romeo Brown book, NB. Just waiting for it to arrive.

Norman Boyd said...

I saw you had Kid. Keep blogging pal