Wednesday 7 October 2020

The Art of Frank Bellamy is now public knowledge!

When should I tell people that I've written c.8000 words on Frank Bellamy which will be published next year? 

 Well, now that Geoff West of Book Palace Books has publicized it on his website. 


The artwork and covers have not yet been finalized but will look something like this and yes, there will be 144 pages of glorious colour images.  This will be the largest work devoted to Bellamy (so far, if I have my way!).

Draft cover

Gathering the artwork is the hardest part of such a venture and many people have really been kind with hi-resolution scans. Some works have been scanned from my collection where originals are not available but the whole package looks superb...and there are a few pieces you will never have seen before.

Draft back cover

 I'll let you know more in time, so start saving your pennies!



Kid said...

I'm off to have a look at that link, NB. Well done.

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks Kid! Now you just have to wait! Is it best to say nothing beforehand? Or should I start the excitement and anticipation? I'm ambiguous on the issue!

Kid said...

That's like me. I used to think I was undecided, but now I'm not so sure.

Kid said...

Oops! I meant 'indecisive', not 'undecided'. See what happens when I haven't had my Weetabix.

Norman Boyd said...

Back 2 skool wiv u