Saturday 1 August 2020

More Kettering Leader & Guardian

Continuing my previous articles on what I found from the Kettering Leader & Guardian before lockdown I'm sharing some more of, what I think, are great Bellamy interpretations of the text provide by "Riston/Ristone" in his gardening column

This time all 20 come from the first six months of 1948, a time when the words "Dig for Victory" were still fresh on the minds of the people who stayed at home during the Second World war

January 2 1948 p.12
Seed Germination

January 9 1948 p.12
Rotation of crops

January 16 1948 p.12
Work among the vegetables

January 30 1948 p.12
A few don'ts for amateurs

February 6 1948 p.2
Sow beans now

February 13 1948 p.12
An essential "Family"

February 27 1948 p.2
Now is the hour

March 5 1948 p.2
Fruit tree planting

March 12 1948 p.2
Starting young

March 19 1948 p.12
Good fruits to grow

April 2 1948 p.2
Best way to grow peas

April 9 1948 p.12
These veg need rich soil

April 16 1948 p.5
Make the best of your flowers

April 30 1948 p.12
Prepare celery trench now

May 7 1948 p.12
Give potatoes plenty of room

May 14 1948 p.12
Grow better strawberries

May 28 1948 p.12
Prepare celery trench now

June 4 1948 p.12
Salad secrets

June 11 1948 p.2
Still time to plant seeds

June 25 1948 p.12
Destroy that caterpillar

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