Saturday 2 June 2007

Marv Wolfman and Frank Bellamy

I thought it was time to correct something I left up on the site, namely this mysterious entry in the unpublished list:
  • Robin Hood:
    • Black & white with an inscription "Best wishes to XXXXXX" and signed
I'm pleased to say that wonderful Marv Wolfman agreed that I could let people know that he owns this original Bellamy drawing. He says "I also have two original painted Heros the Spartan pages, too."

It was the latter that was the start of suggesting that Bellamy be entered in the ACBA award for Best Foreign Artist in 1972. Due to the age of the Heros strips (1962-1965), they could not be used. However, someone (Barry Windsor-Smith?) had the bright idea of using the one-off comic strip of Star Trek that appeared in the TV and radio listings magazine in the UK, the Radio Times. And the rest as they say is history......

Many people think therefore Bellamy drew Star Trek in the UK. He drew only only this single page mentioned above with 2 spot illustrations for the TV listings. Mike Noble's run on Star Trek in the second series of TV21 is considered a high point.
TV21 Issue 50
Drawn by Mike Noble

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