Sunday 24 June 2007

...Addition: The Saga of Garth

Back from holiday, and saw many towns in the south, and I have added my reviews to of the 2 hotels. We also saw a flamenco event, but avoided the bullfights...although we did see one on the TV in a Tapas bar in Cordoba!

Anyway back to Bellamy

Richard Sheaf leant me "The Saga of Garth" a fascinating anomaly. It appears to have been issued to correct a misprinting from The Comic Journal (the UK version later called The Illustrated Comic Journal, then The Illustrated Comic Journal incorporating A.C.E.) as a free supplement. But I'd like to know which CJ it came with! I have added it to the listing.


In CJ No. 28 the Garth article was mistakenly published with the pages out of sequence. We hope that this did not spoil your enjoyment of the article, however to make amends we have enclosed with this issue of the CJ a complete Garth supplement. This has been expanded from the original article and now includes two extra articles on Garth.

We hope that you enjoy it.



Cover adapted from:
The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, London: IPC Limited, 1975.

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