Saturday 9 June 2007

...Correction: Eagle - Dan Dare - Sufferin' Satellites

We have confirmed it was never commercially published:
  • EAGLE - Not Yet Found. Colour page of Dan Dare (mustard coloured uniform) holding ray gun with a circular space station and astronaut in background (black & white), all on red background
This begs the question "what does unpublished mean?". I have also referenced the source, a fanzine/comic called Sufferin' Satellites, published in 1998

Many thanks to Richard Sheaf - read more about this project on DownTheTubes

Someone on Facebook identified the craft at top-right as coming from "The Rise and Fall of the Trigan Empire" drawn by Don Lawrence in Look and Learn. I've tracked it down to the 13th story "Voyage to the Moon Bolus" - and the episode was published in Look and Learn #329 (4 May 1968)

Mike Butterworth & Don Lawrence's "Trigan Empire"
SUFFERIN' SATELLITES (Issue 4, Mar 1998)

Sufferin' Satellites #4

Front cover - uses the unpublished Dan Dare
Back cover - shows the complete mock up of the proposed Eagle re-launch which never happened (note: the pink hue is a publishing 'fault' as the original is a more pronounced red background

The credit for the rear cover - "A big thank you goes to JEFF HAYTHORPE [...] and Terry Doyle for this issue's eagerly awaited cover. Produced originally for a 1970s relaunch of the Eagle, this previously unseen piece of Frank Bellamy artwork is presented in its original format on the back cover".

The Eagle was actually re-launched by IPC on March 27, 1982 with no sign of this artwork!

Many thanks to Richard Sheaf for the loan of this rare magazine

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