Saturday 2 June 2007

Fanzine articles added

As stated earlier, Richard Sheaf has been really helpful in supplying details of articles about Bellamy in fan magazines.

The updated information (on the Articles page) includes:
  • Astral Group Member's Forum #4-5 Feb 1982
  • Astral Group Newsletter #7, 1981-2
  • Comics Journal #28 (UK version), Autumn 1994
  • Eagler magazine #2, Winter 1983
  • Eagle Times 1987 [pilot issue] which is a reprint of....
  • Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph 3 Sept 1987
Many thanks Richard - who supplied scans too! The last article by Tony Smith (who must have interviewed Bellamy more times than anyone) contains some more information which I'll use. The others are fairly derivative.

Interesting also to note the article reproduces this cartoon done by Bellamy for the Pink 'Un but with the wrong date! To understand the nicknames for the football teams read the description on the N.E.T .page

(Sat 11/10/1947)

(Football Telegraph)
"Will Ar Tarn douse posh, and the Russians scare the Poppies"

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