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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Latest Garth reprint

Reprinted in colour Tues 30 July 2013 © Mirrorpix
The above is the next story to be reprinted in the Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK starting today. The artwork is by Martin Asbury, the story "Voyage into Time" sends Garth on another time travel adventure. So we shall have to wait for the last two Bellamy-drawn stories that have not yet been reprinted in the Daily Mirror: "Freak out to fear" and "Man-Hunt" - the latter being Bellamy's last work on the strip which was completed, after his death, by Martin Asbury.

I have recently revamped and added to the Garth listing on the website (where I list all known work by Frank Bellamy) So if you're wondering when each of the Daily Mirror stories were reprinted - whether in the Daily Mirror or not, pop over there.  And if you want to know about international listings of Garth, they are included in my international reprint list - clever eh? And thanks to Ant Jones' great work on the Garth Facebook page I have learned of other international versions of Garth - I shall write about Bellamy's Turkish work soon! And while you are logged into Facebook I have never mentioned my FB FB page

Screen shot of the reprint list
Next Time - a newly, yes, newly discovered Bellamy artwork!

Thursday 13 September 2012

The Women of Galba in Greece!

The last episode of "The Women of Galba" appears in the Daily Mirror today which reminded me to share this item with you

Front cover (taken from G29)
Back cover

I'm fortunate to own a copy of a rare Greek edition of Garth reprints. This book includes:

  1. F304-G86: The Women of Galba
  2. T131-T208: Tigress by Martin Asbury
  3. T53-T130: This land is mine by Martin Asbury
(Both the latter stories are credited to "Martin Ashbury" [sic] but their English is much better than my Greek - which is non-existent!)

It looks from the back cover as if Axa by Romero and Rip Kirby by Alex Raymond were also reprinted in this series of landscape books!

Interestingly, it's only in checking when the next story starts which Martin Baines is going to be doing in the Daily Mirror that I noticed that the last 2 strips of "the Women of Galba" (G85 & G86) were not included in the Daily Mirror Book of Garth 1976! It looks as if it was just to get the next story to start at the top of the page!

Opening panels
Also the quality of these Greek reprints leads me to believe the publishers must have used the original transparencies/film from the Daily Mirror as they are such good quality. The date in the book is 1989 so I doubt if Nancy was receiving royalty checks for syndication at this point, although she did while (and shortly after) Frank was alive!

Closing panels

If anyone can transliterate Greek for me, please get in contact and I'll supply a scan of the index pages

BE HERE TOMORROW for the next Frank bellamy Garth reprint in the Daily Mirror!

Monday 2 April 2012

Frank Bellamy overseas

 I've recently done some work on my list of reprints of Bellamy's work abroad. I'm OK with French, German and Spanish (the latter not so much) but some of the work I have committed to the webpage could use some help.

Way back at the start of this blog Alberto Soares helped by providing a list of Portuguese reprints and a wonderful site helped me to provide some covers to the comics reprinted there.

I also recently received a request for some help from a Professor in Serbia of all places. Glad to help when I can, the emailer responded to the favour by supplying me with details of Bellamy's work in the former Yugoslavia which was the prompt to tidy up the overseas listing.

Shown above are a selection of foreign language (and Aussie!) pieces, take a further browse over at my overseas listing on the website

Tuesday 22 May 2007

Portugese is not my strong point!

The very kind Alberto sent me a copy of a checklist of the Portuguese appearances of Bellamy's work. I shall be correcting my spelling mistakes, and adding some new entries to the Non-English list of Bellamy's work reprinted 'abroad' within the next few days.

Thanks to Alberto who also allowed me to show you scans of his unpublished Bellamy strip 'Wes Slade' - see below

Wes Slade #1

Wes Slade #2
The strip 'Wes Slade' was drawn by George Stokes for the Sunday Express. According to Steve Holland:

Jim Edgar spent 22 years as the author of 'Matt Marriott' for the London Evening News (1955-77), drawn by the incomparable Tony Weare. He also wrote other Westerns including 'Wes Slade' for the Sunday Express drawn by George Stokes. Apparently Stokes wrote the early episodes of 'Wes Slade' himself before handing over to Edgar - who was credited from 1979 - and the strip was taken over by Harry Bishop in 1980-81. Harry Bishop was also the writer and artist of 'Gun Law' which ran in the Daily Express from 1960. Presumably Jim Edgar took over the writing at some point... but I've no idea when. (Steve Holland,  (16th September 2006) Jim Edgar, Accessed 20th May 2007)
It appears reasonable to assume this comes from the early 1970s before Bellamy took over the daily strip 'Garth' in the Daily Mirror