Monday 2 April 2012

Frank Bellamy overseas

 I've recently done some work on my list of reprints of Bellamy's work abroad. I'm OK with French, German and Spanish (the latter not so much) but some of the work I have committed to the webpage could use some help.

Way back at the start of this blog Alberto Soares helped by providing a list of Portuguese reprints and a wonderful site helped me to provide some covers to the comics reprinted there.

I also recently received a request for some help from a Professor in Serbia of all places. Glad to help when I can, the emailer responded to the favour by supplying me with details of Bellamy's work in the former Yugoslavia which was the prompt to tidy up the overseas listing.

Shown above are a selection of foreign language (and Aussie!) pieces, take a further browse over at my overseas listing on the website


El Pobresor Gafapasta said...

Great blog, thanks,Norman. I´m following right now.

Norman Boyd said...

If you want to let me know of any other appearances by Bellamy in Espana, let me know