Monday 16 April 2012

Latest Garth story today in the Daily Mirror: People of the Abyss

Today (Monday 16 April 2012) the new Garth story starts and once again I have to say thank you to Martin Baines, whose colouring I'm enjoying a lot, for sending me the new coloured strip

I've been on holiday for a week so am still catching up with hundreds of emails, RSS feeds etc etc so I'll make this quick - after all you're here for Frank Bellamy artwork not my ramblings!

Martin sent this to me to let me know that the 'Cloud of Balthus' story was ending and a new story starting

© Daily Mirror
and then sent today's episode which when enlarged looks brilliant.

© Daily Mirror
For those who want to know, Frank Bellamy illustrated the Jim Edgar script "People of the Abyss" between the 7 September1972 - 23 December 1972 (Numbers F211-F303) in the Daily Mirror. The story has been reprinted before in  The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, 1976; the Titan reprint series, that was unfortunately never completed, Garth Book Two: The women of Galba, 1985 and also in the fan newspaper strip reprints Menomonee Falls Gazette #98 (29 October 1973) - #114 (18 February 1974).

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