Tuesday 30 July 2013

Latest Garth reprint

Reprinted in colour Tues 30 July 2013 © Mirrorpix
The above is the next story to be reprinted in the Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK starting today. The artwork is by Martin Asbury, the story "Voyage into Time" sends Garth on another time travel adventure. So we shall have to wait for the last two Bellamy-drawn stories that have not yet been reprinted in the Daily Mirror: "Freak out to fear" and "Man-Hunt" - the latter being Bellamy's last work on the strip which was completed, after his death, by Martin Asbury.

I have recently revamped and added to the Garth listing on the website (where I list all known work by Frank Bellamy) So if you're wondering when each of the Daily Mirror stories were reprinted - whether in the Daily Mirror or not, pop over there.  And if you want to know about international listings of Garth, they are included in my international reprint list - clever eh? And thanks to Ant Jones' great work on the Garth Facebook page I have learned of other international versions of Garth - I shall write about Bellamy's Turkish work soon! And while you are logged into Facebook I have never mentioned my FB FB page

Screen shot of the reprint list
Next Time - a newly, yes, newly discovered Bellamy artwork!

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