Sunday 22 October 2017

Original Art: "Heros the Spartan", in Eagle 12 September 1964 Vol 15:37 on ComicLink

This is the first time I have seen any Bellamy artwork appear on Comiclink despite following its fantastic selections of original artwork for many years!

"Heros the Spartan", in Eagle 12 September 1964 Vol 15:37
I dug out my copy of the original comic to see how it looked printed before commenting on how faded this piece looks.

You can make up your own mind:

The cover of Eagle Vol 15:37 - Keith Watson artwork

Heros the Spartan as published in 1964.

The story "The Axe of Arguth was published in the Eagle Vol. 15:23 - 15:42 (6 June 1964 - 17 October 1964)  and was written by Tom Tully. This close up view of the first panel shows the usual Bellamy detail!

Detail of the first panel
Oh and if anyone wants to bid on those lovely Neal Adams pieces in the same auction, and present them to me for my 60th as an apology for the lack of a birthday card earlier this month, I will not object!

WHERE?: fall Featured Auction
SELLER:Comic Link
ENDING PRICE:$2,101 = £1,559.43
START DATE: 15 November 2017
END DATE:30 November 2017

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