Sunday 22 October 2017

Original Art: Garth on Heritage - Garth: The Spanish Lady (K129)

K129 episode of  "Garth: The Spanish Lady" Drawn by Frank Bellamy
Here's the latest strip by Frank Bellamy that appears on Heritage which comes from "The Spanish Lady" story again.

Heritage describe this piece:
Frank Bellamy Garth #K129 Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 1-6-76 (Daily Mirror, 1976). Frank Bellamy's meticulously-drawn strips were always vibrant and full of life. In 1971, he began drawing the time-traveling adventures of Garth in the Daily Mirror, which he drew until his death in 1976, just six months after this strip was published. This ink over graphite on Bristol [sic - CS10 in actual fact] daily has an image area of 20.5" x 5.25", and is in Excellent condition. From the Ethan Roberts Estate Collection..

I love this one as the smoke from the 'fireship' sent towards the Spanish is so vibrant and the black  (almost) silhouette of Sir Francis is highlighted too and leads the eye to the right! A discussion recently on a Neal Adams Facebook page was debating the merits of how he drew a specific X-Men page and how a figure on the right side of the page was turning 'into' the left thus causing - to summarise- a jolt to the 'left to right' reading ability. Here FB shows how to make it work.

 I'm adding sales figures when they appear and the previous "Spanish Lady" episode is due to end today (Sunday 22/10/2017). And I see the next one from Ethan Roberts extensive Garth collection is from "The Beast of Ultor" story.

WHERE?: Heritage Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121744
LOT #36003
ENDING PRICE:$358.50 inc. Buyer's Premium = £272.91
END DATE: 29 October 2017

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