Thursday 12 October 2017

Frank Bellamy Art - Sales and Auctions

Another centenary year addition to the blog!

Over the last year, Heritage Auctions have listed many Bellamy pieces of original art on their site which I make sure to list on this blog. I decided a while ago it would help me, if no-one else, if I kept the results of sales and auctions and wanted to bring them together. I do get the occasional email which starts with "Wonderful blog, I've got a FB original. How much is it worth?"

Well today is that day. I decided not to go further back then a year -life's too short! - and as prices change all the time. I will, from now on, add any new sales to the Google Doc, which you can access by clicking on the tab above!

I'm open to suggestions - as long as they don't take me a lot of work! If anyone I know wishes to break this down further - for example splitting the details so each column could be sorted easier - then let me know! I'm happy to delegate!

Here's a few facts to whet your appetite:
  • The average price of a Garth is £347.03
  • The highest price for a Garth strip this year was the recent sale of J214 episode of "Garth: The Bubble Man" - £498.52
  • The priciest original artwork by Bellamy (that has public sales figures) was a "Heros the Spartan" episode that appeared in Eagle 1 December 1962 Vol 13:48. It went for £4,332.01

Now before I get accusations of wanting to inflate prices by hyping them in this way, you can see all my artwork elsewhere on this blog - go search - and there's not much. But even so, take a look at the other pieces of original artwork in the latest Heritage sale and you'll see Bellamy's work has a long way to go! A Graham Ingels and Marie Severin EC Portfolio cover color production art piece from 1974 sold for £498.52 - so the same price as an original that Bellamy drew. I love Marie Severin's work (as well as her brother, John and Graham Ingels for that matter) but Severin watercolours "lovely and rich colors on a print of the Graham Ingels line art" does not appear to me to be worth the same as an original Bellamy.  But what do I know?

I had to add some Bellamy artwork here so chose some of the Martin Baines coloured reprints of various Garth strips

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