Thursday 20 April 2017


As I'm thinking ahead to the centenary of Frank Bellamy's birth, I wanted to update a few things round here.

The background was created in Ribbet and I rather liked it as a background. Let me know if it's too awful!

I've made sure to add the Facebook page to the list on the right. I tend to use this to highlight blog articles (where you are now) and also upload links to ephemeral or peripheral things I trip over which don't warrant a longer article.

I'm also working my way through the Checklist website, which unbelievably was started 10 years ago next month...but more on that anniversary when we celebrate Bellamy's birth...

And in order to ensure Mr Bellamy gets a look in.....this piece is used as the header for the Facebook page, but has never been used on the blog. I found out these two media are not necessarily watched by the same group of people!

Thunderbirds from TV21 #125
Click on this magnificence to appreciate how Thunderbirds should have looked when printed! Don't believe it's that good? Well, here's a scan of the TV21 page. Many thanks go to Paul Holder for letting me use his excellent photograph of the original art.


Kid said...

Hell's bells, Norman, I used to think the quality of reproduction in TV21 was amazing, but compared to the original art you've shown here, it looks inadequate. It reminds me of Dorothy Lamour's line in Road to Morocco - "A sparrow is considered beautiful until it stands next to a peacock."

Norman Boyd said...

Exactly why I share - rarely admittedly, but hey, I have to earn money! I never appreciated Bellamy's original art until I saw one where the blues had not faded like this one. The colour was eye-poppingly good. Even the Eagle in its photogravure stage didn't get it perfect. Paul Holder and I once sat and compared an original art he owned to the Eagle comic where it was published and a reprint book in which it appeared. And those were the stages of 'bleaching' out that occurred. By the time Eagle published Heros the Spartan it appeared as a muddy mess IMHO, but one can still see how brilliant his designs are!
Thanks for the comment
P.S. I wish I had your memory!! I must find the Road films and watch them again!

Kid said...

All seven of them are available in a boxed set, Norman, all digitally restored. Beware some of the cheap single film DVD versions of them - the quality is awful.

Norman Boyd said...

Darn! Another box-set binge is due! Seriously, thanks for letting me know Kid!