Friday 28 April 2017

Original art - Garth J138 on eBay

J138 Garth strip from "The Doomsmen"
Tony Smith let me know on my Facebook page that an original Garth strip drawn by Frank Bellamy is on eBay.

The seller describes it like this:

Original Garth Newspaper Strip Panel by Frank Bellamy 
Measure 25" x 10" (matted), in very good condition

It is from a seller based in the USA so bear that in mind when bidding.

This comes from the story "The Doomsmen" which ran originally in the Daily Mirror from 3 May 1975 - 15 August 1975 - J102-J191) and was reprinted later, in 2012- 2013 coloured by Martin Baines, as well in black and white by John Dakin, in February 1981  and of course, the now defunct All Devon Comic Collectors Club.

Here are the other pictures the seller uploaded:

And just for your enjoyment here's the context of this lovely strip


WHERE?: eBay
SELLER:  sunset5000
STARTING BID: $350.00 = £271
ENDING PRICE: After relisting $275.00 =  £212.19
END DATE: 1 May 2017
No of bids:Buy it now
No of bidders: Buy it now

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