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Sunday 22 August 2021


Life Study - side view seated

Which would you rather have? A fur coat or three Bellamy original artworks? 

Someone contacted me recently having discovered the blog (let's call her "jen_jen33", for reasons you'll soon discover). She let me know she owned three artworks by Frank Bellamy. But what was fascinating was the story of how she came by them. Like a lot of us, we've seen our parents' homes sold for care costs. She inherited the pictures on this page and let me know how her mother received them back in the late 70s. 

"jen_jen33" said: "I have just inherited these from my Mum who was given them by Frank's wife in exchange for a fur coat in the 70s.  They both lived in Geddington, Northants". She went on to tell me, "My mother was an art (and fashion) teacher in Kettering, but lived in Geddington where Nancy did.  And yes, I think you must be right, the fur coat/picture exchange probably happened in the late 70s.

"jen_jen33"has decided to part with the life study shown here but to keep the two Garth strips which she has kindly shared with me/us! The life study is now on ebay. It has already has a bid for £100. It's described as:

Frank Bellamy original signed life drawing from 1970s. In perfect condition. Frank Bellamy 1970s life drawing.  Excellent condition and framed properly.   Was a gift from artist's wife.

The two Garth strips - which I repeat are NOT for sale - are from two stories:

Garth: Freak out to Fear" - H202

H202 is from "Freak Out to Fear" story which ran which ran in the Daily Mirror (6 June 1974 - 27 September 1974 #H132-H227)

Garth: "The Bride of Jenghiz Khan" H240

H240 is from "Bride of Jenghiz Khan" which ran in the Daily Mirror (28 September 1974 - 14 January 1975 #H228-J11)

Thanks again to jen_jen33 for being so kind to allow me to share this fascinating story.


WHERE?: eBay
WHO?: jen_jen33
END DATE: Sunday 29 August 2021

Saturday 1 May 2021

Bellamy Life Studies

Tony Smith, appears in the Frank Bellamy Checklist as he interviewed Frank Bellamy, shortly before Frank died and also published various articles in the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph. His articles helped keep Frank's name in the limelight - just search for his name on the Articles on Frank page.

Anyway he was inspired by the start of the new series I'm doing based around Alan Davis' findings amongst Frank's studio 'detritus'! I'm so glad the series has prompted such a response. Tony sent me three images by Frank I have never seen before and with Tony's permission I present them here. As Tony explained they are all behind glass and therefore not the best representations of the master's work! But I'm more than happy to spread the love!

Tony added that the middle one is, according to Nancy Bellamy herself, Frank's drawing of her!

Nancy Bellamy kneeling