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Saturday 21 July 2007

Weblink: Look and Learn - Fortunino Matania

Head over to the Look and Learn site to view a picture show (great feature gentlepersons!) and view Fortunino Matania's works in that magazine.

You can read a short biography on BookPalace's excellent site and buy original artwork and prints of his work

Why am I highlighting this? What's the Bellamy connection? Matania was admired greatly by Bellamy who wrote a fan letter or two to Matania and also received Christmas cards from his hero. Whether they met is still a mystery, but it's always interesting to see who influences whom.

There's a long list of his war work with loads of samples on "The Great War in a different light" website. But he is remembered , like Alma Tadema, for his drawings of classical antiquity with his 'accurate' detailing.

Fortunino Matania's version of Armistice celebrations (from the Sphere magazine Nov 1918) and Bellamy's from the series he did with Mike Butterworth on World War One (from Look and Learn #462, 1970 © Look and Learn Magazine Ltd)