Friday 22 December 2023

Frank Bellamy "Ghost World" soon to be reprinted

Boys' World Vol2:16 (18 April 1964) - my photo of the comic
 In case you haven't heard Book Palace are reprinting another Frank Bellamy strip - one often forgotten as it appeared in a short-lived comic Boys' World - that's "Brett Million and the Ghost World" - to give it its full title. There aren't many details yet - price and cover to follow but it's scheduled for Summer 2024. But I can tell you Geoff West asked me to supply an article on the series for inclusion in the book. Each of Bellamy's pages are in a single page format and in full colour, unfortunately not many original artworks still exist and some of those are faded, so these will be high quality scans from the comics.

It's being published in one volume together with "Wrath of the Gods" a series that's well remembered by those who loved "Heros the Spartan" by Bellamy. It was drawn by Rob Embleton and John Burns and apparently will be in foldouts - thus eliminating the problem of double page spreads being cut in two over two separate pages. I'm looking forward to seeing what this looks like.

Different colour printing!

It also be interesting to see how the colours hold up as I'm aware that even one comic printed at the same time could appear different.

John Freeman has an article with links (one being to one of my earlier blog articles)

 If you want to know more about "Boy's World" see Steve Holland's excellent history, overview and index including a complete list of artists and writers plus details of all the corresponding annuals - which unusually went on far longer than the comic!

When the book is published I shall of course highlight it here. 

May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 



Kid said...

Oh, that looks good - I might be tempted.

Norman Boyd said...

Some always moan about the cost but I feel it's worth whatever as these are very unlikely to be reprinted in my lifetime! Good to hear from you Kid and Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Geoff West is the ONLY publisher saving these strips from oblivion so it is mean & petty to complain about the cost of his publications!

Norman Boyd said...

No price has yet been mentioned but after all the furore about cost for Heros The Spartan I'm expecting it to happen! I totally agree Anonymous, if you want these strips reprinted support those who do by paying for them! Thanks for writing

Kid said...

And a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, NB.