Sunday 22 January 2023

ORIGINAL ART: Garth - Women of Galba

Garth: The Wolfman of Ausensee" G76

Silver-Acre on eBay are selling an episode of the story "The Women of Galba" which started at £6.99 and is - as of writing - at £125.

Rear of Garth strip

The back of the strip shows the owner made some notes of where "Galba" was reprinted.  You, of course, know I have listed all reprints here and all international reprints of all Bellamy's work here.

7 strips from this story have been sold since 2020 for a total of £2,160.00, making the average price £308.57 for one. But average is just one way of measuring! So who knows? I'll update the spreadsheet as usual after the auction. Happy Bidding!


GARTH: The Women of Galba

WHERE?: eBay-
No of bids: 32

END DATE: Saturday 28 January 2023

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