Saturday 1 May 2021

Bellamy Life Studies

Tony Smith, appears in the Frank Bellamy Checklist as he interviewed Frank Bellamy, shortly before Frank died and also published various articles in the Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph. His articles helped keep Frank's name in the limelight - just search for his name on the Articles on Frank page.

Anyway he was inspired by the start of the new series I'm doing based around Alan Davis' findings amongst Frank's studio 'detritus'! I'm so glad the series has prompted such a response. Tony sent me three images by Frank I have never seen before and with Tony's permission I present them here. As Tony explained they are all behind glass and therefore not the best representations of the master's work! But I'm more than happy to spread the love!

Tony added that the middle one is, according to Nancy Bellamy herself, Frank's drawing of her!

Nancy Bellamy kneeling


Kid said...

I see you've found a way of having your own 'Babe Of The Day' spot, NB. You rascal.

Norman Boyd said...

Oy Kid! This is art! You punishment is to read Kenneth Clark's "The Nude" to allegedly tell the difference!

Kid said...

I'd imagine that reading anything by Kenneth Clark (if it's the politician) is a punishment, NB. Can I just pay a fine?

Norman Boyd said...

Kenneth Mackenzie Clark, Baron Clark OM CH KCB FBA was a British art historian, museum director, and broadcaster - think Civilisation. Go to the ...bottom...of the class! Clark with an 'e', we don't talk about.

Kid said...

Go to the bottom of the class? That's no journey at all - I'm already there. (Best place to be, right next to the radiator.) As for Mr. Clark, never heard of him.