Sunday 24 May 2020

ORIGINAL ART: Thunderbirds TV21 #143

Thunderbirds from TV21 #143 (page 1)
I had an email from someone letting me know that they were selling this piece of Thunderbirds artwork. It's up now online in an auction from Windsor Auctions - available via The Saleroom. Windsor Auctions have been tweeting about it in various disguises on Twitter for a few weeks and the catalogue is now available.


Windsor Auctions have no need of a lengthy description and like most auction houses, they keep it to a bare minimum:
Storyboard artwork from Thunderbirds "The Earthquake Maker" TV21 No 143 - No3 1967 by the famous artist Frank Bellamy
But 'storyboard' is really reserved for films, I would think! Gerry Anderson fans might like to peruse the rest of the auction as there are some pretty unique items there!

Here are the printed pages for that issue of TV21 with some lovely iconic images of Thunderbird One and Thunderbird Two

I've been informed by the seller that he sold it after the estimate was not reached for £900


WHERE?: Windsor Auctions / The Saleroom
Estimate: £1,200 -£1,400
ENDING PRICE: £ Unsold - Sold later for £900
END DATE: Saturday 30 May 2020


Kid said...

Just checking to make sure you're safe and well, Norman. I didn't realise that your blog had been redirected. Cheers.

Norman Boyd said...

Hi Kid

I'm fine thank you for asking, just gone quiet whilst trying to shift all the data from the old host to Blogger. So I'm hoping to shout loudly soon it's done but there are a few techy bits to get over. meanwhile use only and you should be fine.
Thanks for looking in Kid