Friday 15 May 2020

ORIGINAL ART: Garth and Thunderbirds

TV21 #176 "Thunderbirds" page 2

STOP - don't gloss over the image. Just hesitate for a moment. Enlarge the image. Sit and look. What design! What colours! What artistry!

This "Thunderbirds" episode from TV21 #176 is on Compal's auction this month. What a lovingly preserved piece. The colours look like they did the day Frank Bellamy delivered this to the TV21 offices! I've put this and the first page - as printed - below for you to read and compare but to be honest the printing did well. The bidding is going to be high as it's already started at £1,080! Don't worry, you won't be bidding against me!

As usual Malcolm Phillips, whom I'm yet to meet, runs Compal Auctions and puts a catalogue on his website (and after the sale a very helpful review) and also uses The Saleroom for the auction itself which ends Sunday 7 June.

THUNDERBIRDS: TV21 #176 page 2

Malcolm Phillips describes it thus:
Thunderbirds original artwork (1968) drawn, painted and signed by Frank Bellamy for TV21 No 176. Two marathon runners are kidnapped by Lavan Morgan. Scott Tracy tracks them down to the Atlas Mountains in North Africa… and is also captured. Under pain of death they must race to retrieve the long lost pirate gold before the volcano explodes. Bright Pelikan inks on board. 15 x 18 ins
As promised here are the published pages from TV21 published 52 years ago - where has the time gone - half a century?!
"Thunderbirds" TV21 #176 page 10

"Thunderbirds" TV21 #176 page 11

 GARTH: The Doomsmen - 3 consecutive episodes

Garth: The Doomsmen -episodes J149-J151
The Garth story "The Doomsmen" ran in the Daily Mirror from 3 May 1975 - 15 August 1975 #(J102-J191) and these three pieces - unusual to see consecutive strips for sale - show the dynamism of Frank Bellamy's art. Imagine having to create these strips 6 every week in such a small space!

The auction description:
Garth: The Doomsmen. 3 original consecutive artworks (1976) drawn and signed by Frank Bellamy for the Daily Mirror 27-30th June 1976. Indian ink on board. 21 x 7 ins (x3)
I think the 'fade' on the top strip is likely to be the flash from the camera as I have never seen an original Garth fade.



WHERE?: Compal/Saleroom
END DATE: Sunday 7 June 2020

GARTH: The Doomsmen 3 consecutive episodes
WHERE?: Compal/Saleroom
END DATE: Sunday 7 June 2020

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