Friday 14 July 2017

Original art on Heritage: Thunderbirds from TV21 #146

Thunderbirds from TV21 #146 by Frank Bellamy
Heritage have had so much Bellamy for sale recently, but this is a beautiful example of Bellamy's colour work, design and composition - and this is only one age of the two he will have done for that issue of TV21 (#146)

It comes from the story, which appeared in issues #141 - 146 (30 September 2067 - 4 November 2067)  and has been called "Mr Big - The Earthquake Maker".  It's been reprinted so many times so easy to get hold of if you're curious to read it (Check out my reprint page) but due to my generous nature here are the two episodes from the comic. It's interesting to note how clear the colour came across in print but still Bellamy's original has much more subtlety that was lost - even in photogravure printing! Obviously the scan below shows some of the 'bleed through' from the previous page but still the original just 'pops' as the youth say!

Heritage's description:

Frank Bellamy TV Century 21 #146 Page 18 Thunderbirds Original Art (IPC, 1967). Things are not "F.A.B." for Brains, Virgil, and Scott on this page, but since they are British, "Thunderbirds are GO!" by page end. Gerry Anderson's International Rescue team created legions of fans on both sides of the Atlantic (and around the world as well), and Frank Bellamy's art style for this series was a bold and brilliant choice. Bellamy decided to do the strip with a more comic book/realistic style instead of drawing the puppets from the Supermarionation TV series. This also features a couple of great panels of Thunderbird 2, the fan-favorite craft from the beloved series. Signed under the image area, it is ink and watercolor on illustration board with an image area of approximately 12" x 16.25". There is production tape in the margins, however the image area is in Excellent condition. 
Of course all Bellamy's Thunderbirds work was ink not watercolour at all, but I'm still grateful to Heritage for sharing large scans!


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