Friday 14 July 2017

Original Art: Garth on Heritage - The Bride of Jenghiz Khan (H230)

H230 episode of  "Garth: The Bride of Jenghiz Khan" Drawn by Frank Bellamy
Heritage have another Garth for auction, this time from the story "The Bride of Jenghiz Khan"
Heritage describe this piece:
Frank Bellamy Garth Daily Comic Strip Original Art dated 1-10-74 (Daily Mirror, 1974). A landslide has our hero in a heap of trouble on this high contrast thriller, numbered H230. Frank Bellamy is one of the celebrated titans of British comic strip art. This daily has an image area of 20.5" x 5.25", and the art is in Excellent condition. From the Ethan Roberts Estate Collection. 
The whole story ran originally in the national UK newspaper the Daily Mirror from 28 September 1974 - 14 January 1975 (H228-J11). It was reprinted in Garth: Bride of Jenghiz Khan by the now-defunct All Devon Comic Collectors Club (No.1 [No date]), in Garth: Bride of Jenghiz Khan  (Daily Strips No. 1). London: J. Dakin, P. Hudson & G. Lawley. and latterly in the Daily Mirror from  Tuesday 19 February 2013 to Wednesday 10 April 2013 -  coloured by Martin Baines.

Want to read more? Here are the 6 strips from the series taken from the above-mentioned Dakin reprint

Drawn by Frank Bellamy

WHERE?: Heritage Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121730
ENDING PRICE:$454.10 inc. Buyer's Premium = £348.34
No of bids: 4
END DATE: 23 July 2017

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