Wednesday 1 June 2016

Garth story Freak out to Fear - reprinted

Ant Jones (the curator of the Garth Facebook page) and Martin Baines have let me know that the latest Garth story to be reprinted in the Daily Mirror is the Frank Bellamy illustrated "Freak out to Fear". The story ran originally in the newspaper (in black and white) from 6 June 1974 till 27 September 1974 (H132-H227). I suspect that this was the last to be reprinted and colourised because of its subject matter - drugs, but that's my theory. I'm just so pleased to see the last of Bellamy's version of the unique UK superhero printed. This means that Martin Baines has coloured all of the Frank Bellamy daily strips for the Daily Mirror! Some feat!

Daily Mirror 1 June 2016

The story has been reprinted before in black and white by the now sadly defunct All Devon Comic Collectors Club in Daily Strips: Collectors Club Editions No.17 [No date] - and also in the American Menomonee Falls Gazette #218 (16 February 1976) - [#232 3 March 1978]. MFG reprinted H132-H225, in their final issue. Unfortunately, in addition to not printing the last two strips in the story, they inexplicably skipped H160-H165! As Wikipedia states: The final issue was published on March 3, 1978. (There were a total of 232 issues, but the final issue was mislabeled on the outside cover as #234.) and as Mike Tiefenbacher explains in the last issue "A funny thing happened between issue 226 and now" Ah well we're grateful for what we got!


Unknown said...

I have the original artwork for H217. Bought it from Franks widow approx 40 years ago

Norman Boyd said...

If you ever want to scan it at hi-res, I'd love to see it. My email is at the top of the blog