Monday 27 June 2016

Frank Bellamy for Italian fans

I have stuff sitting around and often think I must do something with these. Well today was a day off work - and we have voted to leave our colleagues in the European Union - so in the spirit of unity, it's with great pleasure I show you....some Italian reprints of Frank Bellamy's "Garth". But before I do I need to confess my Italian skills are non-existent! So much of the work and background comes from my reading of Italian webpages. Our friends in Italy have a long tradition of being fans of 'fumetti' (which derives from the 'smoke' balloons in comics) - some of which I find far too tasteless - but they have always valued British strips.

I own four issues which have the following reprints in them:

  • #9   (Settembre, 1979, Anno 6 numero 9) Garth: L'uomo bolla [Bubble Man] 18 pages
  • #10 (Ottobre, 1979, Anno 6 numero 10) Garth: Il Globo di Trimandias [ The Orb of Trimandias] 20 pages
  • #11  (Novembre 1979, Anno 6 numero 11) Garth: L'uomo Lupo di Ausensee [The Wolfman of Ausensee] 18 pages
  • #12  (Dicembre 1979, Anno 6 numero 12) Garth: [no title] [The Women of Galba] 18 pages

Alter Alter #10 (Ottobre, 1979, Anno 6 numero 10)
Garth: Il Globo di Trimandias

"Le Donne di Galba" should have been the title for the story in issue 12 but the over zealous inker has wiped out the title in English without replacing the Italian equivalent (as he or she did quite interestingly with the "Wolfman of Ausensee" strip!). You can see larger images of the first pages of each of these four by going to the Checklist website

Alter Alter #10 (Dicembre, 1979, Anno 6 numero 12)
Garth: [The Women of Galba]
Alter Alter started as an off-shoot of Linus, which is still going today. Some of the artists whose work appeared alongside Bellamy will be familiar to a lot of you: Sergio Toppi, Moebius, Richard Corben, Will Eisner, Sydney Jordan, Estaban Maroto, Alberto Breccia etc. The four magazines I have are all in black and white with an eight page supplement in colour and run to approximately 108 pages. Bellamy did receive cheques from the Daily Mirror for syndication - the last of which was paid on 25 April 1977, he died in July 1976. I can't say whether the publications on this page paid syndication rights or not but the statement on the above reprints © Frank Bellamy, distr., News Blitz, Roma, seems to indicate this may have been the case. Whether Jim Edgar got payments too, I don't know.

On eBay, at the moment, are some Italian reprints which look to be standalone, but are in fact supplements from if, a magazine published in Italy from 1973 to 1985. I don't own any copies but have captured the ones on eBay and they are shown in full on the Checklist website

La Sposa di Jenghiz Khan

La Belva di Ultor

Gli Angeli della Gola dell'Inferno
I mentioned tasteless, and that's one area I have yet to explore in the interests of completeness! If I say "Fumetti Erotici", I think you get the idea!

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