Monday 18 April 2016

Frank Bellamy - Docotr Who and Winston Churchill

I feel I should apologise for the lack of material on this blog in the last 6 months.  Our house has been completely re-plastered - new plasterboard on walls and ceilings! That's the first time I've been able to paint new new walls and ceilings and skirting boards! And it will the last, I can't face that work again!! Amway all the books, notes etc are out of storage

Enough of me, let's talk Bellamy

While I was 'out of it' a few things appeared which connect with Bellamy. 

Doctor Who: The Complete History
Volume 17:Colony in space; The Daemons; Day of the Daleks
The above Doctor Who: The Complete History was published as a partwork by Panini. I caught it while it was available in W H Smiths. This is the second published volume (actually volume 17) covering three episodes (the first two 1971; the latter 1972). You can read the reviews of each issue of this multi-part work at the Doctor Who fan site Kasterborous "Doctor Who News, Opinions, Reviews and PodKast", If you are wondering, they state "Kasterborous (Cas-TER-bor-os) was the constellation in which the planet Gallifrey was located"

It looks like the series of hardbacks have the following outline:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Story
  3. Pre-Production
  4. Production
  5. Post-Production
  6. Publicity
  7. Broadcast
  8. Cast and Credits
  9. Merchandise
  10. Profiles

Below are my photos of the Bellamy relevant pages from this particular volume which show artwork from the Radio Times
  • 10 April 1971 -16 April 1971: Doctor Who - Colony in Space 
  • 22 May 1971 - 28 May 1971: Doctor Who - The Daemons
  • 18 December 1971 - 31 December 1971: The omnibus edition of The Daemons
  • 1 January 1972 - 7 January 1972: Doctor Who - Day of the Daleks

pages 38-39


I also saw advertised in a Museum catalogue which arrived on my doormat, the excellent "Happy Warrior" reprint I have previously mentioned where they state rather strangely  "Reproducing 8 complete 'Eagle' colour comic strips from the 1950s telling the life story of Sir Winston Churchill". Where did they get the figure 8 from? The series ran for 49 episodes (including the full page portrait); it was one long story - not 8 parts; it took up one page each week; it was indeed the '1950s' but actually 1957-1958. Strange!

An erroneous description!
The hardback is apparently out of print in the USA, and i have learned that  Book Palace have stock

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