Tuesday 9 February 2016

Original art - Thunderbirds

Original art TV21 141
It wasn't long ago that I was writing about Heritage Auctions in the States selling 2 Frank Bellamy originals, which sold for a combined price of approximately £1,668.82. They are now for sale on eBay!

The seller, who I don't know, states:

This is for 2 pages of original art from the comic TV Century 21 issue 141 September 30th 2067 (1967)
Both pages are from Thunderbirds and are by Frank Bellamy
The colour is still very good with the usual light fading
The art is sold framed
A copy of the comic is included in the sale
Art by Frank Bellamy is very rare and being Thunderbirds makes them extremely collectable.
Please note that the Thunderbirds logo is a modern reproduction. The rest of the art is complete and original.
Very sad to see this go

While I was away on holiday both the other Bellamy pieces sold - see them here and here - and also Tweedacademy put a beautiful piece on the auction site. So for completeness sake I'm showing the art here with the data collected below, as I'm starting to see people using the blog to see how much their art is worth!
The original artwork for Thunderbirds in TV21 #125
TV21 #125 (June 10 2067) is a FANTASTIC example of what Bellamy wanted to achieve. The seller was kind enough to let this be photographed and that's what I use for my profile on Facebook "Frank Bellamy Artwork" page.  I wondered whether to change my picture like others do, but haven't the heart as it is so gorgeous!

This latter piece has sold as the seller accepted the Best Offer made - which I hope was a lot, as this is the best I've seen!

SUMMARY (of TV21 #141)

WHERE?: eBay
SELLER: d.g100
BUY IT NOW: £3,950
END DATE: 29 February 2016

SUMMARY (of TV21 #125)

WHERE?: eBay
SELLER: Tweedacademy
BUY IT NOW: £4,000
END DATE: 22 February 2016

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