Monday 19 May 2014

Original Art on eBay: Thunderbirds from TV21 #127

TV21 #127 Thunderbirds

The published Thunderbirds episode
 The ebay seller "nickio_jupiter" has a fantastic example of Frank Bellamy original artwork for sale - TV21 Thunderbirds episode from issue 127, the "Tracy Island Exposed" story. The story ran from TV21 #125 - 129 (10 June 2067 - 8 July 2067) and this is the third episode with a lovely picture of Lady Penelope and her Rolls Royce FAB1. I should this will sell at a very high price because as the seller states:

Frank Bellamy : Original Comic Artwork - Century T.V. 21 Edition No. 127 pages 10 -11 (1960s)
Artwork Size approximately: 63.7cm (w) x 41.4cm (h)
Art Board Size approximately: 70.7cm (w) x 50.7cm (h)
Condition: Used - This artwork was used for the print production of Century T.V. 21 pages 10 and 11 comic/magazine in the late 1960s. There are some minor surface marks. The Art board has some edge wear from when it was originally stored, however, this does not effect the artwork. Please see additional images.

This is original comic production hand rendered artwork by Frank Bellamy for Century T.V. 21 magazine Edition No. 127 pages 10 -11 from the late 1960s and features signature of Frank Bellamy within the artwork composition (Please see additional detail images). The artwork was rendered/produced on CS10 art board. This item was acquired in the late 1990s from a gallery in central London and has protectively stored flat away from light and dust, and has never been displayed.


Notice the logo, which is likely to have been on acetate and added week by week by the photographer is not present - I've written about this subject before

CS10 artboard


  • WHERE?: eBay
  • SELLER: nickio_jupiter 
  • STARTING BID: £99.99
  • ART: TV21 #127: Thunderbirds
  • ENDING PRICE: £5,655.55
  • END DATE: 28 May, 2014 (22:49:55 BST)
  • No of bids: 29


Bill Storie said...

Well spotted as always buddy - I was just wondering - good as the scans are do you think the owner might be persuaded to snap a few really Hi-Res shots of the piece for our own index and, basically, for posterity? I'm sure many other would like to be able to see the actual brushwork on the art and given that this is the closest most of us will ever get to owning such a gem - worth a punt d'you think? Would be nice to start a new section of hi-res scans of any extant artwork that comes across out paths. Just a thought!!
Take care pal,

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for writing Bill. The problem with the size of the board means it has to really be photographed professionally and placing it - even on an A3 scanner - means joins have to be made after the effect. BUT it certainly doesn't hurt to ask. On my way.....