Monday 5 May 2014

Egmont publish Thunderbirds in new format

In AUGUST 2014 Egmont plan on publishing reprints of some Frank Bellamy Thunderbird strips. Those who have the Thunderbirds the Comic Collection hardback might find these are duplications, but we'll have to wait and see.
The above is borrowed and re-purposed from Bear Alley where Steve Holland keeps us up to date with forthcoming publications.

I've grabbed the covers from Amazon as Egmont don't appear to have any information on their site!

Each volume appears to have 48 pages and cost £6.99 each - so look as if they will be similar to the Ravette volumes of the 1990s.

Cover from Thunderbirds #13 (4 April 1992)

Originally published in
TV CENTURY 21 141 - 146 "The Earthquake Maker"
TV CENTURY 21 147 - 154 "Visitor from space"
TV CENTURY 21 155 - 161 "The Antarctic menace"

Cover from Thunderbirds #5 (14 Dec 1991)

Originally published in:
TV CENTURY 21 162 - 169 "Brains is Dead"
TV CENTURY 21 173 - 178 "The Olympic Plot"
TV CENTURY 21 170 - 172 "Space Cannon"
TV CENTURY 21 184 - 187 "Devil's Crag"
Cover from Thunderbirds #8 (25 Jan 1992)

Originally published in:
TV CENTURY 21 188 - 191 "Eiffel Tower demolition"
TV CENTURY 21 192 - 196 "Nuclear threat"
TV CENTURY 21 197 - 202 "Hawaiian lobster menace"
TV CENTURY 21 203 - 208 "The Time machine"

Cover from Thunderbirds #11 (7 Mar 1992)

Originally published in:
TV CENTURY 21 209 - 217 "Zoo Ship"

TV CENTURY 21 227 - 234 "Chain reaction"
TV CENTURY 21 235 - 238 "Jungle adventure" - This will only be the second time "Jungle Adventure" has been reprinted - the first being Thunderbirds comic in numbers 38-41, 1993. This last story did not appear in the Thunderbirds collection mentioned in October 2013

Cover from Thunderbirds #22 (8 Aug 1992)

TV CENTURY 21 218 - 226 "City of doom"
and the last two were illustrated by John Cooper - not Bellamy.

All the above is 'guessed' from the story names mentioned on the covers and as experience tells me that could all change! I'll keep you up to date as I learn anything.


Kid said...

I've already got the original Ravette albums (and the comics which preceded them), plus the recent Egmont book, so I doubt I'll be buying them again unless they're different in some way - better reproduction, etc. However, I wish they'd do a complete run of Mike Noble's Fireball XL5 - it'd be great to see them in their own series of albums.

Norman Boyd said...

Yes, Kid, I agree. It's hard to own the 'thirtieth' version of the same thing without appearing a bit obsessive...and needless to say, I don't every reprint of Thunderbirds!

And wouldn't a complete Mike Noble anything be beautiful!

Kid said...

Indeed - and it's long overdue.