Friday 10 August 2012

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Orb of Trimandias

F98 The Orb of Trimiandias

Tweedacademy has added a Garth original to his three large colour artworks that are currently up for grabs.The opening bid is 99p and the auction ends 19 August 2012.

This comes from the story The Orb of Trimandias (which has been reprinted in the following: The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, London: IPC Limited, 1975,  Garth Book One: The cloud of Balthus London: Titan Books, 1984  and in the fan publication Menomonee Falls Gazette #67 (26 March 1973) - #83 (16 July 1973) but was originally seen in the Daily Mirror (28 January 1972 - 22 May 1972 - F24-F121)and was written by Jim Edgar.

The story has Garth appearing as Lord Richard Carthewan in the time of the Borgias and having his portrait drawn by Leonardo da Vinci! Leonardo also shows Lord Carthewan a portrait of a beautiful woman which of course is Garth's old time travelling companion Astra.

Tweedacademy's description:

Now here is an outstanding example of the black and white strip work that Frank Bellamy did for the Daily Mirror on 'Garth', a great action piece from 1975 (strip number F98). This from a story called 'The Orb of Trimandias' where Garth gets to meet Leonardo da Vinci and the Borgias in 17th century Florence. A nice very touch here, the fact that the central panel is wordless and is a wonderful example of Garth in all his historical glory. As you can see he's having a little trouble with the locals, time for a bit of swashbuckling eh!

UPDATE:  £233.01 (23 bids) (August  2012)

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