Tuesday 31 July 2012

New Garth story - The Women of Galba

Martin Baines has kindly sent me the first episode of the next Frank Bellamy story to be coloured by him and reprinted in the Daily Mirror..."The Women of Galba".

© Daily Mirror

This story was first printed in the Daily Mirror of 27 December 1972  and continued until 10 April 1973 (Numbers F304-G86). It has previously been reprinted in black and white in The Daily Mirror Book of Garth, 1975; Garth Book Two: The women of Galba by Titan Books, 1985 and in the fan publication Menomonee Falls Gazette #114 (18/02/1974) - #131 (17/06/1974) - 6 daily strips per issue

An interesting fact for you historians is that the Daily Mirror of 22 March 1973 (during this story) states:  "Southern editions of the Mirror didn't appear yesterday because of industrial action. Here's a double ration of strips". Britain once again was suffering from printer's strikes.

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