Monday 28 May 2012

Original Art: Garth on eBay - The Wolfman of Ausensee

Just a quick note to highlight the sale on eBay of a fantastic piece of Bellamy original art.  It's episode F180 of the Wolfman of Ausensee and looks to be in fantastic condition

I have avoided using the complete picture from eBay as it's not too clear, but here's a view of the details:

Bellamy's trademark drawing of getting the characters to literally leap out of the page and what examples in one strip!

The strip looks like this - a scan from a reprint - so not a copy of the seller's original. BUT be aware the seller says very clearly he will not post abroad (outside the UK, in other words!)

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 And for those who can't afford even the starting bid of £260 (post free) this is what happens next in the Garth story!

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Update price to follow


Tony Smith said...

A very hopeful starting price for this item - most Garth strips seem to change hands for around £140 to £180. Also the seller does himself no favours by not listing a picture which shows all three frames!

Tony Smith said...

I think the seller here is being a little optimistic with his starting price of £260. Most Bellamy Garths change hands from £140 to £180. He also does himself no favours by failing to list a photograph showing all three frames. Buyers need to see what they're getting for that kind of money!