Monday 14 May 2012

Facebook group for the Garth newspaper strip

I think it's about time I mentioned Ant Jones' Facebook page which follows all things Garth. At the moment he is linking daily to the Daily Mirror's reprint of Garth by Frank Bellamy, but the FB (!) page has lots of really interesting versions of Bellamy including Bellamy's Garth in Hindi! Its brief is wider than my interest as it covers the whole history of the Garth strip.

I personally have not jumped into the "Facebook waters" in any depth but skirt around the fringes, but this is one place worth lingering. I generally watch new developments on the Net and sign up an account (using Frank Bellamy's name) in order to see whether I'll do anything with it at a later date. Facebook demanded too much time so I left it there. However it's worth dipping your toes in and visiting Ant's page just to browse the images by clicking on one and then 'scrolling' through.

To wet your appetite here's a piece from the Women of Galba story, coloured by John Ridgway and used with his permission

© Daily Mirror


Anonymous said...

Nice colouring but its such a shame the final work looks like nothing like Frank Bellamy's work. The stuff in the Mirror while more basic allows the Frank's work to breath. I don't agree with colourists removing a lot of the original line work...

Bill Garnier

Norman Boyd said...

Hi Bill
I understand what you mean, and personally I find both entertaining.

Wouldn't it be great to compare them and Bellamy doing the same in the way that TwoMorrows have got artists to ink / colour old Kirby material?
Thanks for dropping by and watch out for more of John's colouring soon.