Saturday 24 September 2011

Ghost Town starts in the Daily Mirror

"who recently passed away. 
He was a huge friend of Garth as well as Dan Dare 
and it would have meant something to him."
- at the request of Martin Baines

Geoff's name appears on the list of people who have been generous enough to contribute to the formation of the checklist of Bellamy's work. He was a member of the Eagle Society and my heartfelt condolences go out to friends and family.

Yesterday saw the end of "The  Beautiful People" so today we have......

Saturday 24 September 2011 © Daily Mirror
Click on this to see the superb work Martin is doing - in my opinion - on the colouring. This story was Frank Bellamy's favourite of all his Garths and it was re-run on the announcement of his death in July 1976 - therefore this is the third reprinting in the Daily Mirror - but you won't hear me complaining!

Martin sent me the above and also added this message to accompany the piece below:

Also I have included the first colouring I did for Garth which was in the style of colouring that Scorer used. This was before the decision of style of colouring was made. This colouring was inspired by Fraser Of Africa...

© Daily Mirror

Thanks again to Martin for his forethought and generosity.

Next: Sunday Times feature - watch this space


LEE said...

Its a shame The Mirror website does post the strips this size, that's beautiful.

And doubly appreciated as The Mirror neglected to upload the Garth strip again yesterday.

Norman Boyd said...

Thanks for the comment Lee.
I love what you're doing on your blog - small press/Indie need our support and I must admit I enjoy them far more these days than the log-johned guys and gals

Ade Salmon said...

Ghost Town was printed in b/w in the 1975 Garth annual , so it's nice to see it coloured up now. Great to see the colour test page also , though I prefer the more minimalist style of colouring chosen , which allows Bellamy's art a chance to breathe.